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Clifford Palmer (a.k.a. King Fish) is a Jamaican fire limbo dancer who has been performing the back-breaking dance of the Caribbean professionally for over 15 years. Born just outside of Montego Bay, Clifford is the 5th of 14 children. Prior to immigrating to Canada in 2005, Clifford entertained guests at most of the major resorts throughout Negril on an ongoing basis. A true performer, Clifford’s act sizzles with fun and boundless energy.


Unlike many performers, Clifford didn’t always know that he had such a unique talent. He made the discovery while working as a crew member on a party boat, The Jolly Mermaid, in Negril, when he was given the responsibility of ensuring that the guests were entertained. It was while facilitating limbo contests onboard The Jolly Mermaid, and with the encouragement of the boat’s captain and fellow crew members, that Clifford discovered he had a knack for doing the limbo.


However, it wasn’t until Clifford was introduced to a fire dancer who brought him along to perform on a trial basis at one of his shows, that Clifford realized his potential. Once the performance was already underway, Clifford was told he would have to limbo under fire – something he had never done before! Fortunately for us, he succeeded and the fire limbo has been the highlight of his act ever since.


Besides being able to limbo at an amazingly low level, Clifford also thrills his audiences by simultaneously balancing a bottle of Red Stripe beer or glass of wine on his head. Additional poses done at the conclusion of the act demonstrate Clifford’s incredible flexibility.


Being a “people person”, Clifford can also involve audience members of all ages by encouraging them to compete in a limbo contest. In this case, Clifford would lead the participants in some stretches and would demonstrate the correct limbo technique. Once the contest begins, Clifford would act as a spotter to ensure that participants who don’t quite make it under the bar do not hurt themselves.